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Architectural Prismatic Hot Orange Standard

Exteviz Reflective Emergency Responder Numbering System    

Allows first responders to quickly and accurately locate room numbers from the exterior of public buildings and facilities.

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     Welcome to Responder Numbers and Exteviz.com, your source for Exterior Visibility Products. The Exteviz reflective emergency responder numbering system was designed for use in schools and other public buildings such as office buildings, hotels, industrial facilities, hospitals, government buildings, and temporary structures.

→    Accurately and rapidly locate room numbers from an exterior viewing location.

→   Reduce emergency responder lag time with certified visibility ratings based on ANSI specifications (American National Standards Institute, Washington DC).

→   Eliminate room number confusion and blue print misinterpretations.

→   New proprietary optically clear and non fading adhesive provides long lasting visibility. 

→   The mathematical ratio # of incidents to the number of rooms permits more rapid and effective mediation efforts.

→   Aesthetically appealing.

→  Are manufactured from a unique reflective material that can be seen in all viewing conditions and through all types of windows,  clear and or tinted. 

→  Adhesive is on the front- allowing the numbers to be installed on the inside of windows.

→  Available in Architectural Grade* or with a black background.

*Featured Product

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