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Welcome to Responder Numbers and, your source for Exterior Visibility Products. Our Reflective Emergency Responder Numbering System was designed for use in schools and other public buildings such as office buildings, hotels, industrial facilities, hospitals, government buildings, and temporary structures. Responder numbers are a key element in facility audits contained in School Safety Assessment Programs, Crisis Response and Disaster Mitigation plans as addressed by Homeland Security concerns and requirements. The patented 'Exteviz' material that Responder Numbers are constructed of, is sealed and coupled with a strong adhesive which resists cleaning chemicals, squeegee strokes, paper towel and rag pressures. Exteviz comes from road sign technology - which makes it fade proof and unaffected by the sun's ultraviolet rays or heat. Exteviz also conforms to building codes and is designed to last the life of the facility - adhering for over 20 years without delaminating. Responder Numbers are available in white and yellow with custom colors and sizes available. Responder Numbers are provided with a paper masking allowing easy and fast installation by school staff, students, volunteers or contractors. Room number plates are also available for rooms and or areas without windows that are available in U2200 polycarbonate, U9900 etched and filled stainless steel and U2530 Utivex. Optional application kit available: Spray bottle with positioning fluid, squeegee and rubber brayer (roller). Exteviz Responder Numbers are also available in 911 digit formats for standard adhesion to mailboxes and posts. Ask about our custom colors and sizes.

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Prismatic Exteviz

Prismatic Exteviz Responder Numbers are available in yellow and white with a contrasting black background. Custom sizes and lengths are available. Prismatic Exteviz Responder Numbers are fade proof and will adhere for over 20 years without delaminating.

Architectural Exteviz

Architectural Grade Exteviz Responder Numbers are our featured product. Reflective Exteviz Responder Number Digits have front side adhesive for inside application. Available in custom sizes and colors.

Hot Orange Exteviz

Hot Orange Exteviz Responder Numbers are available with a contrasting black background for maximum exterior visibility. Fade proof Exteviz adhesive lasts for the life of the facility without delaminating. Custom sizes and lengths are available.

Standard Exteviz

Standard Exteviz Responder Numbers are applied to the inside of any window for high contrast and exterior visibility. Available in yellow or white. Custom Sizes and lengths also available.

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